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Are you overwhelmed by legal questions and unsure where to turn for guidance? Imagine a world where experienced attorneys and cutting-edge artificial intelligence come together to provide you with the answers you need. This powerful combination can help address your basic legal questions and guide you toward additional resources for further assistance.

Legal In A Box has brought together the best of real attorney counseling and the artificial intelligence to provide a service called Just A Quick Question™.  We have curated attorneys from across the country and have trained them on the most effective ways to use AI to quickly search for information related to some of our client’s basic questions and concerns.  While LIB attorneys are not “your” attorney, we have access to just the expert you may need.

Legal In A Box is the place to launch your business with the tools to run it.  We make starting and running your business affordable, approachable, and contained.  We handle LLC creation in all 50 states.  We also offer a library of business documents and connections to attorneys in your state so you can keep your legal house in order.

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