Trademark my name, logo, or both?

Trademark my name, logo, or both?

So there are two types of marks you can register – a standard character mark or a stylized mark.

Standard character marks cover a word or words without regard to the way the word is written.  It covers the literal element of the mark in any configuration, font, or color, capitalized or not.

Stylized word marks include words that are written in a particular font, configuration, and/or color. These types of marks usually correspond to company logos.  Stylized word marks provide some protection for the underlying literal content of the mark.  However, it doesn’t provide the protection of registration for the underlying word marks if you decide to change your logo, the font, the color, etc.

I always advise clients to pursue standard character word mark for their names as a first priority in trademark protection.  Standard character marks give the broadest protection and will cover the name no matter how many times you change the logo or color.

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