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Crowd Funding and JOBS Act

I’ve been hearing about this “JOBS” act President Obama signed into law … what does that law do? The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act or JOBS Act, is a law intended to encourage funding of United States small businesses by easing various securities regulations.  It passed with bipartisan support, and [...]

Why Delaware?

Why do people sometimes register their business entity in Delaware? For large businesses, Delaware holds many advantages—but smaller business may not find it as beneficial. For example, Delaware’s business law is one of the most flexible in the country.  The Delaware Court of Chancery focuses solely on business law and [...]

Employees vs. Independent Contractor?

What’s going on with Uber and the grief it’s getting on the west coast about drivers really being employees? In June 2015, the California Labor Commission ruled that a San Francisco Uber driver is a company employee, not a contractor. In that decision, the Commission awarded the Uber driver $4,152.20 [...]

Legal news you can use …

You’ve got your start-up “started up,” how do you hire the best of the best? Startups all come down to people. Startup ideas are not hard to find, but when you get the right people, your company can be huge. In any business, particularly a new business, it’s all about [...]